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Solar Panels

Our solar panel installations comply with BC’s new Energy Step Code – a building code beyond standard practices. The goals of construction specialists have shifted toward energy efficiency, and urban development open to the beauty of nature for healthy living. Cultural awareness of climate change and new technologies have made net zero home ownership possible and more affordable than in the past.

How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels generate an electric current by catching sunlight. The electric current is then transferred to wires that lead to an inverter, which in turn, converts energy into AC power for home use. Solar power systems combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduce dependency on fossil fuels by providing clean energy from the power of the sun.

Solar installations take very little maintenance, as they are self cleaning with regular rainfall. If the panels get dirty, simply wash them off to maintain peak production in the summer. Clearing your panels from snowfall is easily done with a broom or non-scratch shovel, but the majority of power created comes in March and October with longer days and brighter sunshine.

Our Expertise in Installing Solar

If you want to retrofit an existing home, we’ll come onsite and advise you on the best angle, direction and panel size to achieve maximum electricity output. There are many types of solar panels to choose from, and our advisors can help you navigate current products and technologies for a clear understanding of all the benefits you will receive after your new solar installation. Ask us about grants that may be available for home improvements to meet Canada’s new climate change goals.

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The Built to a Tee Construction team are solar installation specialists involved in construction projects from the Okanagan Valley and throughout BC. Fill out the contact form or call (250) 883-0635 to talk with one of our net-zero specialists. There’s no obligation when you contact us, and we love sharing our knowledge on BC’s Energy Step Code for new modern living.