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What is SIP?

Structural insulated panels (SIP) are the solution to new building codes that standardize energy efficiency to fight climate change with superior structures and reduced energy consumption. SIPs consist of an inner core laminated between sheets of strand board – they are an incredible framing alternative to traditional lumber. These extremely strong panels allow us to frame your house faster with a more airtight, insulated building that meets new challenges in net zero or near zero building.

  • Panelized Building Systems
  • Net Zero Construction
  • Design Flexibility
  • Soundproofing for Quiet Destressing Homes
  • Reduced Utility Costs

Up to 60% Energy Savings

SIPs are trending as a home renewal and new home construction material aiming for sustainability. They are integrated into custom home designs and may cut heating and cooling costs by as much as 60 percent over traditional “stick” framing. Here’s one of the perks to using SIP and one we love – they’re soundproof. In today’s busy world where urban environments create distressing noise, we need a home that protects us from the stress of daily living. Quiet homes are known to improve sleep quality and increase concentration in a home office or family room, allowing the entire family to focus without distraction.

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SIP Construction for Off-Grid Homes

At the same time as we anticipate changes in BC’s Energy Step Code – new construction codes to increase building performance – we are seeing an upward trend in the building of off-grid homes. It is now possible to build on sites not tapped into conventional energy sources, for healthy living closer to nature. If transportation to your building site makes construction near to impossible, panelized systems make sense because there is less transportation of building material, and less waste to dispose of from your property. With SIP panels, healthier home environments are possible with fewer pollutants, and tighter, insulated structures allowing homeowners to regulate air quality with simple ventilation techniques. SIP homes are fifteen times more airtight than stick framed houses. We want to work with you and manage your project in any remote location throughout BC.

Our Mission – Preparing for Net Zero

Our mission is SIP housing is to build your home quicker, better, and greener. SIP construction may save you money on labour, insurance, and financing, as well as energy costs. Call us for a no-pressure consultation to answer questions on SIP, eco-building or to discuss your current architectural plans. Our team is ready to work with you to build a home you can be proud of. (250) 883-0635